Industrial Applications of
Flat Glass Processing Machines

DEMAN Machine is the industry leader in innovative flat glass cold processing machinery.

Our advanced glass processing machines are designed to elevate your flat glass production capabilities,
enabling you to achieve exceptional results across a wide range of applications.

Whether you are involved in production of architectural glass, furniture glass, home appliances glass, display glass,
solar glass or armoured glass, our glass processing equipment delivers the reliability and performance you need.

Architectural Glass

Our glass processing machinery is engineered to produce high-quality architectural glass, ensuring precision and efficiency in every step. Whether you’re manufacturing glass windows, doors, or curtain walls, our advanced equipment guarantees superior performance, enhancing the aesthetic and functional qualities of your glass products.

Furniture Glass

DEMAN glass processing machines are capable of producing glass components for furniture items such as glass tabletops, shelving units, cabinet doors, and more. The precision and versatility of our flat glass grinding machines, drilling machines and CNC processing centers ensure that each piece of glass meets the highest quality standards.

Home Appliances Glass

Our flat glass processing machines are perfect for manufacturing glass components for appliances, including oven doors, refrigerator shelves, and control panels. Experience the benefits of our precise flat glass CNC cutting, drilling, grinding, and washing capabilities, ensuring product reliability and consumer satisfaction.

Display Glass

With our flat glass cold processing machines you can produce ultra-thin and high-clarity glass for all types of displays. Our equipment ensures precision in glass processing, delivering glass components that meet the exacting standards of the tech industry. Enhance the quality of your phone displays with our state-of-the-art solutions.

Solar Glass

Maximize your photovoltaic glass production capacity and efficiency with our solar glass processing machinery. Our C-Edge grinding machines and glass washing machines enable full automatic processing of low-iron glass ideal for photovoltaic panels. Benefit from our technology, developed to contribute to the renewable energy industry.

Armored Glass

Safety and durability are paramount in the production of armored vehicle glass. Our specialized drilling machines and double-edgers are designed for processing of bullet-resistant glass suitable for military and security vehicles. Trust our advanced technology to deliver armored glass that meets highest safety standards.
Discover how our expertise and dedication can transform your flat glass processing operations,
driving your business forward and setting new benchmarks in quality and productivity.

Let DEMAN Machine be your trusted partner in achieving success and excellence in the glass processing industry.


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